Driver ID timing in 2019 „Aurum 1006 km race"

Please be informed that this year we will use the "Timing" system with "Driver ID", so all Aurum 1006 km racing teams must have Driver ID stopwatches.

The event is scheduled by the RG Timing team. Teams that already have (personal or borrowed) these sensors must notify the organizer before 07-05. email and

Driver ID Sensors can be purchased or rented from RG Timing:-buy your own team Driver ID + X2 transponder with activation for a year and delivery price is 450 eur + VAT.

Renting Driver ID (ONLY PRE-NOTIFIED) for Aurum 1006 km race 150 eur + VAT.

The team which rented the Driver ID and decided to purchase it after the event, Driver ID and transponder price, excluding rent money, EUR 300 + VAT.

Teams not owning Driver ID, who want to buy or rent, must provide information via email or tel. No. +37062070723 until 05 07 2019.